Wedding invitation for Harm Jan & Eveline

A few months ago, my dear friend asked me to make her wedding invitation. Of course I was super excited, and it’s been really special making such a personal card. They were very enthusiastic about using a linocut for the invitation, with each print slightly different from the others. Eveline and Harm Jan are getting married on a Friday the 13th, and they asked for a fun but inconspicuous reference to this in the card.  They also thought it would be a nice to include a reference to their honeymoon, which will be in New Zealand (I’m a bit jealous, for obvious reasons ;)). Despite these two playful ingredients, they wanted the overall feel of invitation to be idyllic, not too frivolous.

And so, I got started. For the design, I quickly settled on the surroundings of their wedding location; a beautiful fortress which is part of the Hollandse Waterlinie. In the water I added some waterlilies as a symbol of their love. Don’t you just love those heart-shaped leaves? I know I do! If you look closely, you’ll find the silhouette of a black cat sitting in one of the fortress’ windows. A kiwi casually makes an appearance in the grass. The design turned out very serene and warm.

Once I got the OK from Eveline and Harm Jan, I could start printing. I had already cut the paper to size, and turned the living room into a printing station. Prints were lying around everywhere. I finished just in time to move all the prints to the attic, where they could dry further, before picking up the girls from daycare. What a day!

I’m really happy with the end result, and more importantly, so are they. What do you think?





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